175. Halloween came and went

And just like that, October is over.

Halloween was a whirlwind, busy, busy day.  The Stallings household started the day off with an early morning eyeball egg hunt.  Just like an Easter egg hunt, I hid the eyeball eggs around the house the night before, and the kids had a blast looking for them before B had to go to school. Our day also started with a Halloweeny breakfast of scrambled green eggs (food dye) and candy pancakes (sprinkles and white chocolate chips).  These two things will forever be a apart of my little one’s Halloween morning.  It was just too much fun.

While my oldest was at school, the littlest one and I ran all of our last minute Halloween errands, which included grocery shopping for our annual Halloween meal with the in laws and picking up the extra batteries for the kids pumpkin lanterns (which we forgot to bring with us last night).  After picking B up from school, them kiddos donned their costumes and we enjoyed complimentary donuts from Krispie Kreme.  Yum.

As is our tradition every Halloween, my family, my sister in law and her family, my sister and her boyfriend, my mom and brother brought an assortment of Halloween/fall themed goodies to my husband’s parents and gorked ourselves out on food before trick or treating.  My contribution this year was “mummy dogs” (pigs in a blanket, only wrapped up to look like mummies).  They were a hit with the kids.  And the adults, too.  I made two dozen and came home with two left over.  We were all quite stuffed by the time we hit the road for trick or treating.  The kids lasted about 45 minutes before they were done and were sound asleep within minutes of hitting their beds.  It was great.

Eyeball egg, complete with a piece of candy inside

Wearing a head crab, part of my husband’s costume

Enjoying their free donuts



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