169. Instagram, baby

It’s fall break this week.  My son and I put together a list of todo’s while he’s out of school.  Here’s some highlights.

We made phones out of a tupperware container and a can.  It provided many minutes of entertainment for my little ones.

 Art project of the week.

 Brooks shoe boxes are awesome.

  Halloween treat for the little people!

 We packed sac lunches to eat outside.  Naturally, we had to decorate the bags.

  Meatloaf cooked in jack o lantern shaped muffin tins.

  Growing a green bean plant.  This thing grows like an inch a day.  It’s amazing.

  My little bat girl, trick or treating at the zoo.

 And my amazing Spiderman.

Remaining fun things on our fall break to do list include pumpkin picking, going to Harvest Homecoming (a local street fair held the second weekend of October every year), getting donuts and raking up large leaf piles to jump into.  Gotta love the things five year olds come up with.  Time for donuts!


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