168. Sewing withdrawal?

To start, I’m having one of those days in which I find myself wondering why the hell I’m back in school.  A small little part of me is wondering if now was the best time to start working towards my BSN.  About 90% of me says yes, and 10% just wants to enjoy life as it is.  Yeesh, it’s hard balancing maintaining the house, cooking, caring for kids and working full time hours.  Never mind the fun things I’d like to do with my little bit of free time, like run or sew something.

So, after tackling today’s chores around the house, paying bills and tossing a new recipe into the crockpot, I busted out my sewing machine.  I’ve seriously been in a bit of sewing withdrawal.  Or craftiness withdrawal.  My fix was a new eye mask for me and a set of fabric letters for my little bitty.

I love this fabric and have made so many things with it.


That blue thing under the letters…that’s my ethics binder.  I utilize this rare moment of both children being occupied and study.  Instead, I craft.



3 thoughts on “168. Sewing withdrawal?

  1. That material is soooooo cute!!!! Where did u get it? Good for you for getting your bsn! Before our lifetime I feel like it will be required in order to work in this country as a rn.

    • I agree. I think it will become standard to have your BSN.

      I’ve had the fabric for years. I found it in the clearance bin and bought what little was left. I’ve made a few things out of it and have about a fat quarter left. Love, love, love that fabric!

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