167. Hello, Fall.

I tried to sneak out this morning while the little ones were watching an episode of Phineas and Ferb.  My mission was to hang a load of laundry on our clothes drying rack.  At 10:45am, the grass is still very wet and it’s only 50 degrees out.  The sun is out, but our backyard is about 80% shaded at this time of day.  Our now diminishing veggie garden and clothes drying rack are the only things the sunlight touches at this time in the morning.

My mission was unsuccessful.  Just as I was pinning up the last few socks and fleece pajamas, the kids ran out.  They momentarily acquiesced to come back in long enough to don jackets and hoodies and back out we went.  After a week of on again off again rainy days that kept them inside, it wasn’t a surprise they were desperate to play outside.  We do have a really awesome fenced in backyard, complete with a sandbox, playhouse, mini jungle gym, basketball goal, water table and a small pile of dirt that ever is their favorite hangout spot.

So, here we are, enjoying a lovely, cool, crisp October morning.  If only I didn’t have a pile of Ethics homework and reading assignments calling my name.


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