164. Packing lunches

When I was a kid, I brought my lunch to school probably 90% of the time.  Money was the biggest reason.  My at the time pickiness was a close second. I brought a sandwich (PB&J or turkey and cheese), chips and a fruit snack of some sort everyday.  My mom wasn’t very adventurous with food.  Which was undoubtably a big reason I was such a picky eater.  So when my turn came to pack lunches everyday, I went on a mission to pack anything other than plain and boring sandwiches.  And I must say, after a month and a half, I’ve become quite the pro when it comes to packing B’s lunch.

Wanting to go beyond just sandwiches, I turned to my favorite resource for food: Pinterest.  Pinterest is my best friend.  I found the mother load of lunch box ideas through them.  Some of my son’s favorites have been:

  • Hardboiled eggs
  • Egg salad with pita chips
  • Cold (veggie) hot dogs with dipping sauce
  • Nutella and banana sandwiches
  • Banana sushi (slices of banana covered in peanut butter or Nutella rolled in rice crispy treats)
  • Hummus and pita chips
  • Fruit, cheese and nut platters
  • A thermos of tomato soup with breadsticks for dipping

Just to name a few.

Essentials for our lunch packing adventures include a long tupperware container with inserts to divide it into multiple compartments, silicone baking cups, an insulated lunchbox, a thermos, insulated water bottle and an icepack.  I usually try to remember to put a note with a heart or smily face with his lunch.  Occasionally, I get a little more ambitious and do something like this:

Other times, I bust out my cookie cutters and do something silly, like make shapes with slices of cheese.  See?

The donkey shaped cheese

In all honesty, packing B’s lunch has become one of my favorite things to do.  I’m looking forward to coming up with some Halloween themed ideas. 🙂


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