160. A Halloween wreath

My mom and I both have a deep love of all things Halloween.  We seemed to develop it simultaneously when I was about 14 or so.  It’s become our tradition to add to each other’s Halloween decor stash each year for birthdays/Christmas, and this year will be no exception.  My mom’s birthday is perfect for Halloween goodies.  It was yesterday.  By mid September, Halloween decorations are springing up everywhere, and that gives her ample time to enjoy whatever spooky gift I find for her.

This year, I once again went homemade and whipped up a Pinterest-inspired Halloween/fall wreath.  I must say, I really want it for myself.

A lot of straight pins and close to 30 some odd yards of ribbon went into the wreath.  Maybe 40.  It was a lot of ribbon.  12 spools, 11 different prints.  And that was only enough to cover the front of the wreath.  If you turn it around, you’ll see burlap (I started by wrapping the whole thing in burlap).  Complete with a wooden G (for my maiden name of Gasper) covered with black glitter paint, the wreath is now all wrapped up in the only gift bag I had that was big enough to hold it-a pink Disney princess bag.  The little ones and I will be heading out to visit my mom after dinner, and I’m excited to see what she thinks of her wreath!


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