159. Hello, Box Tops.

This time six years ago, I was a few months into my marriage, working my way through nursing school and barely pregnant.  I mean barely pregnant.  Like two weeks.  It would be almost another month before my world was shaken (for the better).

Now I have two little ones in my clan, am once again in school related to nursing (woohoo, BSN!), and have found my self slightly obsessed with Box Tops.  Certainly, this preoccupation with Box Tops was not something I would have ever expected.  Today I found myself in the grocery store choosing the box of fruit snacks with the double Box Tops just because it had box tops.  Usually, I opt to either make my own fruit snacks or buy the organic uber natural ones.  Today, I figured what that hell, and went for the Mott’s fruit and veggie medley snacks.


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