158. The Robot Poof

My son is definitely my child.  He has my same deep affinity for capes, robots, space, art and books.  When he was three, my half sister gave him a dragon cape.  He wears it routinely still.  I’ve stitched up many holes and rips on that thing.  He “writes” his own books (he dictates and illustrates and I or my husband write).  Since he was two, robots and space have been a staple in our home.

A while ago, we found a bolt of robot printed fabric that we both instantly fell in love with.  I had no idea what we would do with it, but it was a much needed purchase.  I bought a yard and a half and let it sit in the closet for months until I found the perfect project.  Thank you, Pinterest.

Such an easy project.  The original tutorial was from Living with Punks (http://www.livingwithpunks.com/2010/05/tutorial-land-of-nod-inspired-floor.html), and was, again, an easy project.  I plan to make another for my baby girl next.  What do you think?



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