140. Fruit fly catcher

We seemed to be doomed/destined/cursed to get an invasion of fruit flies every summer, and this year has been no different.  Why they invade our home each year, I can only speculate.  The little ones go in and out all day long and are notorious for holding the door to the back yard open for several long minutes each and every time they enter or exit, and I imagine that’s how the little buggers get in.

However they get in, they seem to multiply over night and quite suddenly, my kitchen is full of wretched little fruit flies.  From what I’ve googled, it only takes one to end up with a mini infestation.  They have a crazy short life span, and lay their eggs on all sorts of things, not just fruit.  Ew.  Disgusting things.

And this year seemed to be particularly bad.  They just won’t get away from my giant bowl of fresh produce hanging out on the counter.  Yes, I know I should put it all away in the refrigerator, but I think that majorly messes with the fruit’s flavor and texture.  I don’t like it.  So, I will be stubborn and keep the the fruit on the counter and set up a trap.

The trap was super easy to make.  I set it up yesterday afternoon, and I’m amazed (and grossed out) to see how many we’ve already caught.  The amount flitting about in the kitchen is already noticeably less.

What I used:

  • a mason jar
  • apple cider vinegar
  • tape
  • paper

I put a small amount of apple cider vinegar in the mason jar.  I’ve read you can also add a small piece of banana at the bottom of the jar, but the vinegar was apparently plenty appealing to the fruit flies.  Then I rolled the paper to make a cone then snipped the very bottom to make a funnel.  The funnel opens just above the apple cider vinegar.  I fit the funnel into the mason jar and snipped the top of the funnel so that I could bend it over the top of the mason jar and taped the edges down to make a seal.  Viola!  Fruit fly trap.

My son is absolutely fascinated by the trap.  He insists the flies are swimming and having a pool party and that we’ll later set them free outside.  I’m not about to tell him the flies are actually drowning.


One thought on “140. Fruit fly catcher

  1. Never thought about the disgusting side before -thanks for that! 😦 I ran past a house the other day and in the window saw a bowl of fruit covered with one of those old fashioned cake covers. I have one somewhere and am now going to dig it out and put over my fruit! If that doesn’t work may well follow the above instructions. 🙂

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