134. Whirlwind!

The last few days have been busy ones, to say the very least.  Work was busy, home was busy, school was busy, busy, busy.  Home is always busy.  There’s a perpetual long line of stuff to do, family to visit, birthdays, events, etc.  My father in law hosts a race every June called the Barnyard Dash.  It’s a 5K walk and a 10K run.  I opted to walk since I was going after working a 12 hour shift, although in retrospect, I think I would have been fine running and wish I would have.  Oh, well.  The walk was nice.

Since my FIL is the one putting on the race, it’s a bit of a family affair.  Several members of the extended family were in town for the race.  Since most of the family functions are on the weekend and I tend to work the bulk of weekends, I rarely get to participate in said events and haven’t seen some of these people since Christmas.  It was a brief visit before we all hit the pavement walking, but it was nice to see them anyway.  Everyone walked at different paces, and we ended up kind of hanging back to walk with his brother and his wife and step daughter.  My kids happily rode in the stroller until mile two when we noticed my daughter had taken both of her shoes off and had thrown one.   So my son and I turned around and ran back to look for it.  That little man has some speed.  And stamina.  I was proud of him.  He left me a little out of breath.  I’m not entirely sure what our pace was, but it was faster than what I tend to run.

Work finally seems to have snapped out of the lull we were in during May.  I think every LDR nurse at the mothership is wiped.  So, tonight, we party (minus the unfortunate few who had to work).  One of our faves is leaving our numbers sometime this summer, and we’re having a big send off for her.  It’s so seldom I get to go out with friends, thanks to working virtually every weekend.  No one wants to go out and have a major event on a Tuesday night.  I’m glad I get to go.  I work with a hella fun crew of women, and they’re extra fun when alcohol is involved.  It should be epic.


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