I should have bought more mulch

Yesterday, I made a list of 16 projects around the house that need to be taken care of before the summer ends.  Most of them are works in progress that I’ve started and just need a little help with to finish.  One of which, is the garden in the front yard.  Actually, gardens.  There are three, and they all need some TLC.  Weeding and mulching are the two biggest bits that need to be done.

Today my son and I knocked out a lot while my littlest one was napping.  Lots of weeding and planting new plants.  There are four planters on the front porch that now all have fresh flowers in them.  The shade garden along the sidewalk got some new plants and just needs mulch and for me to FINALLY put out the little solar lights.  The garden on the side of the house got the most attention.  Lots and lots of weeding and removing of old icky plants.  This is the garden that by far is the most neglected.  It’s one I absolutely cannot work on if I have both of my kiddos with me because of it’s proximity to the road.  My littlest one is too curious about that road, and I’m not going to risk her safety to do some weeding.  I tried working on that garden once with her out with me and she made a dart towards the road.  That was the last time I took her out there.

Now, the only chance I have to work on that garden is if my husband is home to help watch her or she is sleeping safely in her crib.  Oh, nap time.  I always have so much to try to cram into that two hour window.  Today, it was work in the garden, and boy we got a lot done.  Unfortunately, there is still so much more to do!  At least it’s the easy stuff.  Mostly just putting out more mulch.  I never buy enough mulch.  I suck at figuring out how much I need.  I think, realistically, I need about another dozen more bags to mulch everything.  I need three more to finish the project I started today.  I’ll have to get them another day.  It’s work for me the next four out of five nights.



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