Diet changes

For the last few weeks, I’ve had nasty bouts of heartburn.  For anyone who hasn’t experienced heartburn, let me assure you that it sucks.  It really sucks when you’re suffering with heartburn and attempting to run five miles.  That was the case for me this morning.  Raging heartburn that showed itself in full force around mile two.

And it was all downhill after that.

I’ve never been one to really have much heartburn, so I took the time to really think about the underlying cause.  I’m fairly certain too much dairy and sugar are too blame.  I’ve had various digestive issues in the past related to dairy and/or too much sugar, and since summer is here in full force, I’ve enjoyed a lot of ice cream over the last month.

So, the experiment is to majorly cut back on dairy and sugar and see what happens.  Hopefully, no more heartburn and puking, especially when I run.  Because heartburn that makes you puke as you’re running is really craptastic, and I’d really prefer not to experience it again.


6 thoughts on “Diet changes

  1. Once I ate a bunch of chocolate chip cookies and a tall glass of milk about an hour before running. I had the worst stomach cramps and almost threw up. Lesson learned. No heartburn, but dairy and running definitely don’t mix. Save the dairy for post run.

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