My husband started his training for his ultra marathon this fall.  It’s a 50K trail run.  I do not envy him.  For the time being, I am perfectly content to stick to half marathons.  Eventually, I’d like to run a full marathon, but for now, 13.1 miles is a good distance for me.  I certainly don’t have any desire to take on 31 miles.

My husband insists this very well could change.  We’re pretty similar in our running mind sets.  His first run was a 5K trail run that was a last minute spur of the moment.  I don’t think he’d ran a single time before that.  That was the day he decided to commit to a mini marathon.  The day of his mini, he decided he wanted to run a full marathon.  On the plane to Minneapolis to run his first marathon, he committed to the Ironman.  How he went from 26.2 miles to 140.6 miles is still beyond me.

Anyway, his newest challenge is running 31 miles through a psycho hilly course.  Last night he was talking about how he’s been running in his minimalist shoes, and I can’t help but laugh every time he talks about those shoes.

And this video is why.


And then there’s this one.


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