Training for Mini Marathon #2

I spent yesterday being lazy and eating more calories than I needed to.  Chocolate at work, a large Dr. Pepper from McDonald’s, a to die for marshmallow sundae from Zesto and a raspberry lambic before bed.  See, way too many extra calories, but they were all so very, very delicious.  I didn’t even bother to log everything in my calorie counter.

Well, I’m back on the bandwagon.  I’d hoped to pack up the kiddos and take a couple mile walk today, but my littlest one woke up this morning with a fever and a nasty head cold and hasn’t been up for much of anything today.  Truth be told, I’m still super tired from the minimal sleep I got yesterday, so taking another day to chill out around the house works for me.  Besides, I still have just under a month before I get to be all serious about hitting the pavement again.

I sat down this morning while the little ones played and figured out my training schedule for the Heartland Mini Marathon in September.  This time around I really worked around my work schedule and the various appointments and upcoming events and made certain not to schedule a run on days I’m likely to get minimal sleep because of work or was busy with something else.  I didn’t do that for the Derby Mini Marathon, and there were plenty of runs I didn’t do because I was running on such little sleep or the kiddos had a doctor’s appointment.  I suppose that is one good thing about have my work schedule set up to the week of the mini.

So, starting the first full week in June, I’m committed to training for my second mini marathon!  Thirteen weeks of running and working on becoming a stronger and faster runner.  I can’t say I’m entirely excited about running in the upcoming hot summer months, but I’m excited about having something to train for again.

And now it’s time to hit the books.  Bleck.  Maybe the kids and I will get some ice cream if I can stay focused and power through this chapter.  Mmm…marshmallow sundae, my new favorite treat.  It’s like a little piece of heaven.


4 thoughts on “Training for Mini Marathon #2

  1. Good luck! Scheduling is so very important. I know I have high hopes of getting a run in, but I don’t include my kid’s schedules, my husband working late or my own work schedule. being realistic is super important. 🙂

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