Taking a break from running and thankful for zoo memberships

After having one stellar day yesterday, today, well, seemed almost destined to be less than ideal.  I slept poorly.  Strike that.  It’s not that I slept poorly, it’s more that I slept weirdly.  I woke out of a dead sleep several times and had an atrocious time getting back to sleep.  When I was asleep, it was a wonderful deep sleep, so I intermittently slept really well.  The morning just came too quickly.

The day was rough only about two hours or so, but it was a hella long two hours.  My children bickered, pinched and yelled at each other, and then I yelled and had to resist the urge to put them both in their beds and close the door so I could take two minutes to get dressed in peace.  It was just that kind of morning. Thank goodness for another beautiful day and our membership to the Louisville Zoo.  I finally bribed my little ones with a promise to go to the zoo if they would behave long enough for me to quickly tackle some house work and pack a picnic lunch.  My daughter didn’t understand my bribe, but my son did, and that was good enough.  My kids were happy little campers and wore themselves out.  It was all I could do to keep my daughter from falling asleep on the way home.  She’s now tucked in her crib, and my son is content to watch an episode of Curious George.

I love going to the zoo.  We renewed our membership last month, and it’s been worth every penny.  It paid for itself our first trip to the zoo this season.  It was going to be $100 for my husband and I to take our little ones, and a yearly membership is $103 or so.  We’ve been five times or so in the last month.  I love our zoo membership, and so do my kids.  I think I’m going to get my son a membership to the Louisville Science Center for his birthday so we have another fun place to go to.  It’ll be especially nice as the weather gets warmer.

Moving on…

I’ve opted to take a mini break from running.  There are several factors that played into this decision: school, a busy schedule in May, my husband started his ultra marathon training, etc.  More than anything, I’m tired.  It hit me a week after the mini.  I’m tired.  Between working night shift and flipping and flopping when I sleep (day or night), working extra shifts, starting back to school and having two little ones at home that I try to spend lots of quality time with, training for the mini took a fair amount out of me.  I didn’t realize it as I was training, and I think that’s largely due to that perpetual runner’s high I was on.  Mentally, I can’t wait to get back into running regularly, but the mental desire isn’t enough to overcome the physical desire to just take it easy for a bit.

I’ll start training for the next mini in June.  I’m sure I’ll run here and there, but I’m not going to stress over waking up early to get my miles in.




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