New stuff is fun stuff

Today has been a day of acquiring new things, and it’s been one enjoyable day thus far.  Six new bumGenius diapers and a Sophie giraffe for my itty bitty, a Baby Trend Sit and Stand stroller for both little ones to share and a pair of free SOLE Softec Heat moldable insoles for me.  New stuff is especially fun when it’s free.  If only the diapers and stroller had been free.  Or even 50% off.

But they are worth every penny in my opinion.  I’ve used bumGenius diapers since my son, and they are hands down my favorite cloth diaper.  I tried several other brands of cloth diapers with my son and wasn’t terribly impressed.  When my daughter was born, I got six BG diapers.  I didn’t exclusively cloth diaper my son and didn’t plan to exclusively use cloth with my daughter, so I thought I’d have plenty.  But that hasn’t been the case.  I use cloth way more than I ever did with my son.  I’ve wanted to get more diapers for a while.  Thank you tax return.  Cloth diapers can be expensive up front, but are generally cheaper in the long run.   So, six new BG diapers from Mama’s Hip, one of my favorite local baby shops.  Woohoo!

Sophie the giraffe was a splurge.  I fell in love with her and wanted one for my daughter, but drug my feet about getting one.  Then I thought my littlest was getting to old for a teething toy, no matter how darling it was.  Well, I saw her in person today and fell in love all over again.  She’s too stinking cute, made without phthalates, colored with food paint and just cute.  So I splurged.  I didn’t anticipate how much my daughter would love her.  She loves her.  And so does my nearly five year old son.  I’ve caught him several times sneaking “Sophie hugs”.   The best thing about Sophie is that she seems to be just what my possibly teething again daughter needed.  She’s been cranky for about a week.  Since picking Sophie up today, my daughter has been content to chew on Sophie’s ears and has laughed constantly every time she squeezes Sophie.  Sophie squeaks.  Like a dog toy.  But she’s cute.

My kids love Sophie.  And the new stroller.  It’s hard to say which one liked the Sit and Stand better.  My son was excited because “two babies can use it” and my daughter has a new love for going for walks in the stroller.  It’s a very good thing assembly was minimal and easy.  I mean EASY.  No instructions were necessary.  It was so self explanatory what pieces needed to go where.  And, like I said, assembly was minimal.  No tools needed.  My kind of assembly.  Took five minutes top, and that was with children getting in the way helping.

I am in love with this stroller.  I’d looked into double strollers when I was pregnant with my daughter, but was given one.  You just can’t beat free stuff.  The free stroller was given to us via and friend of a friend of my mother in laws coworker and sat in my in-laws garage until last summer when my daughter was old enough for stroller rides.  We went to pick it up and couldn’t figure out how it collapsed down to put in my trunk.  That was the biggest issue with the free stroller.  It was also really bulky and a little awkward to maneuver.  It is still in it’s up right non-collapsed position, although it managed to make it down into our cellar.  I need to just donate it, but I can’t get it into my car.  I’ll have to commandeer my husbands van because to this day I still can’t get it to collapse down.

I managed fine without a double stroller, and, honestly, could have continued to manage just fine without one.  I have a nice jogging stroller that my son had figured out a way to ride on.  It’s only meant for one baby, but we had a system on our long walks last summer.  My son would sit in front of my then still infant baby girl.  He was perched kind of precariously, and my daughter kicks him and tells him no if he tries to sit in “his spot” on the jogging stroller now.  I also have my flimsy little umbrella stroller I’ve “borrowed” from my mother-in-law that my husband hates with a passion.  We’ve talked about getting a new stroller for a while now, and our last family trip to the zoo prompted my husband to announce we were getting a new stroller.  He was ready to go to the store right then, but agreed to do a little research.

In the end, we ended up with our Baby Trend Sit and Stand.  The kiddos and I took it for a four mile round trip test drive, and it gets my approval.  Very easy to steer, not too bulky or awkward by any means, five cup holders, and extremely user friendly.  It’s not too heavy, and it was a no brainer to figure out how to collapse it down to put in my trunk but it’s tricky enough that my preschooler wouldn’t be able to accidentally collapse it down.

And the box provided my children with hours of entertainment.  Large boxes are always a trip.

My only complaint at this point is that there isn’t a canopy over the second seat, but that’s what hats and sunglasses are for.


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