Derby day!

Today marks the 138th annual Kentucky Derby,  In three hours, 20 horses with wacky names are going to participate in the Run for the Roses, known as “the most exciting two minutes in sports.”  Growing up in this area (my parents moved to Southern Indiana, just 15 minutes away from Churchill Downs), I think I was a bit immune to the Kentucky Derby.  Yes, I liked the parade, Thunder over Louisville and all of the other festivities that are a part of Derby Festival, but I’ve never given much thought towards Derby.

Well, this year Derby has sparked my interest.  This is an event that attracts people from all over the world including celebrities, big political names and royalty.  It’s kind of a bid deal for my bit of the world, but up until recently, it was just another day of the year.  It became a bit of a sore spot when my husband was a chef at the Brown Hotel, one of the uber fancy hotels in Louisville.  I didn’t see my husband the week of Derby.  He worked crazy overtime.  As Thunder over Louisville approached, his hours would creep up until the week of Derby, during which he was pulling 80+ hour weeks making delicious food for all of the people flooding into Louisville.  At that point, I hated the whole wretched Derby.  My husband did too.

It’s taken two years for us to get over that animosity towards Derby.  I don’t know what changed this year, but we’ve both developed an interest in the Derby and would like to go some year.  I’m excited to wear a cute little sundress, a big hat and drink mint juleps.  My husband, who makes up for my inherent lack of luck when it comes to gambling, wants to place a few bets and have a few drinks.  Neither of us are Derby fanatics, by any means, but we’ve both gotten into the whole Derby spirit and would like to participate in it more some year.  We’ve never gone to Thunder over Louisville together in the seven years we’ve been an item, we’ve never gone to the Pegasus Parade, Oaks Day, Derby Day, or even any of the little carnival thingies that open up the week before Derby on the Waterfront.  We ran the Derby City Mini Marathon and got sucked into working all of the big days of the Derby celebration.

Hopefully, next year we’ll be able to partake in some of the festivities.  I’d love to take my little ones to the Pegasus Parade or Thunder Over Louisville.  I’d love to go on a date with my husband to Oaks or Derby.

Tonight, I’ll be driving into work during the race.  I’ll have on my completed labor and delivery themed Derby hat.  We’ll be having delicious food on the unit tonight.  I work with a fantastic crew of people, so as much as I wish I were off to enjoy Derby with my husband, I’ll have a fun night at work tonight.


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