The night shift life

I’ve been a night shift nurse since 2008.  For the last four years, I’ve worked virtually every Thursday, Friday and Saturday night.  I clock in and am on the floor by 6:45 pm.  I report to day shift and get to leave usually by 7:08 am (that’s the magic time to make sure you get the most money, and I couldn’t explain the hospital’s logic behind that time if I tried).  I get home and try to be in bed before eight each morning and hope the world is quiet until at least three so I can get a decent stretch of sleep.


The world was not quiet today.

No.  The next door neighbor, who had his lawn mowed earlier this week by his landscaping guy, is having his lawn mowed yet again.  It’s been…maybe four days?  And now my lawn, which hasn’t been mowed in well over two weeks because our silly electric, battery operated lawn mower isn’t charging.  The charger cable looks like something/someone (children?) tried to snip it.  We have a guy who’s going to come out (hopefully) soon to  make our lawn nice and neat until the cable situation is resolved.  I’m relatively certain we need a new one, but I’m letting my hubby deal with that.

But that’s besides the point.

The point is that I was awakened by the very loud lawn mower at 1:30.  :/

Oh, night shift.  I love my job, love my coworkers, and really like my hours for the most part.  It’s just the whole sleeping during the day thing.  So, the plan is to grumble for a few more minutes, stretch my calves out, then hit the pavement and run 3-4 miles.  Then, the rest of the day will be lovely.  I’m off for the night and plan to have a most delightful evening with mi familia tonight.


5 thoughts on “The night shift life

  1. I have a special place in my heart for labor and delivery nurses – the nurses that helped deliver our two daughters were outstanding. I hope you get to catch up.

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