Flip off badges!

Look what I did on my taper week (just 11 more days before the mini)!  Not only have I started some of my online classes (oh, pathophysiology), but I also I busted out the glue gun and made badges with the hundreds of flip off tops (they’re from our medicine vials) I’ve collected over the last few months.  I finally ordered the badges last week (expensive little things…I had to hunt around for the best price), and they arrived yesterday.  My little ones and I made a trip to Joann’s to buy more glue sticks and some blingage, and an hour later, viola!  Badges ready to be sold.

Now to hit the books.  The down side to doing a self paced online course is keeping to my schedule so I can be done in plenty of time.  I’d like to be done with this chapter while my daughter is napping and my son is content with Phineas and Ferb (love that show…how awesome is Perry?) before heading out to Trader Joe’s.



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