Never a dull moment

I’ve been a labor and delivery nurse for over four years now.  There was a brief point in time, where I felt like I’d just about seen it all.

That moment was VERY brief.

I’m amazed, four years into being an L&D nurse, that I see something new every week.  Occasionally, they’re miraculous kinds of things~a micro premie that survives against all odds.  I love those moments.  Sadly, those moments are far and few between.  No, usually, my new something I encounter is something stupid.

Let me say this first.  I try to always keep an open mind.  I understand not everyone out there has the knowledge base that I have.  I know not everyone out there is going to know what’s really labor or cause to be checked out in the hospital.  I know most people want the best for their baby.

But…jeez…sometimes…where’s the common sense?

It really is never a dull moment.  Here’s a recap of some of the most recent highlights from the mothership.

  1. The girl who came in by ambulance at 2 am because she went to bed at 930, woke up at 1230, made a sandwich and couldn’t go back to bed because she was restless.
  2. The girl who came in by ambulance at 4 am because her “ya-ya” had been hurting her for over a month.  The pain hadn’t changed since starting a month ago, she’d seen her OB since the pain started, and she had an appointment with her OB in five hours.
  3. The girl who called at 3 in the morning because she had stuff in her belly button and wanted to know if we would clean it out if she came into triage.  No.
  4. The nurse caring for the 18 week pregnant patient in the ICU who, when I told her I couldn’t find the baby’s heartbeat with the doppler because of the size of the patients abdominal incision (it was a massive vertical incision that ran from just above her pubic bone to a few inches under her ribs and was about three inches wide with packing in it).  The nurse informed me that because she was less than 20 weeks, I should doppler the fetal heart tones just above the pubic bone.  Uhm…which one of us dopplers 18 week baby’s on a regular?
  5. The patient who came into triage and couldn’t really give me a reason why she needed to be seen.  Does your belly hurt?  No.  Are you bleeding?  No.  Back pain?  No.  Baby moving okay?  Yes.  What brings you into triage tonight?  I don’t know.  …



4 thoughts on “Never a dull moment

  1. Speechless. It’s bad enough when you know you’re in labor and you don’t know what you’re doing but common sense gets you to the hospital and hopes the staff will take care of you. People are lazy.

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