Breaking the routine

We have a fairly structured life in my family.  I work the same shifts every weeks (Thursday, Friday, Saturday and the occasional Sunday night).  I do laundry on Monday’s, clean the bathrooms on Tuesdays, clean the kitchen on Wednesdays, etc. Each day is relatively well planned with a little wiggle room for spontaneity, and that’s exactly how I like it.  Having a structured life is what allows me to get so much done.  Were it not for structure,  I probably wouldn’t be able to find the time to get all of my runs in each week, my house would be a disaster zone, my children would eat a lot more sandwiches for meals, and I would probably never get anyfor my crafty projects done.

Needless to say, I like structure.

Structure was thrown out the window today.

I was supposed to work last night, but, since I was in overtime and the unit was slow enough, I was put on call.  It was an awesome night off.  After putting the little ones to bed, my husband and I got caught up on all of our television shows that we seldom have the chance to watch.  And this morning, on a whim, my husband suggested making a trip to the zoo.  We renewed our season passes, spent entirely too much money on drinks and face-painting ($6.35 for two Powerades and $13.76 for my son to have his face decorated to look like a pirate!!!), got lots of sun and wore the little ones out. 

It was an awesome spur of the moment day out. 

And I’m completely exhausted, and have nine more hours of my shift left.  Oy.


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