Setting a good example

Over the last few months, I’ve gotten to learn about all the many benefits of running on a regular. And boy, there are plenty.

  • Weight loss
  • Higher energy levels
  • Race day and runner’s high
  • Confidence boost as you run a new distance and run faster miles
  • The disappearing fat in my legs
  • The sense of accomplishment
  • Stress relief

Just to name a few.

When I first started running, I didn’t think my running would positively affect many people.  In fact, I was a bit worried about how training for a mini could possibly have a negative impact on my family.  After going through a seven month period of feeling a little like a single parent as my husband was training for the Ironman, I was a bit nervous what my training could do to my family.

Let me tell you what it has done to, or rather, for my family.

  • Strengthened my relationship with my husband. We have more in common now than we’ve ever had.
  • Made our home a happier place.
  • Set some really awesome examples for my children.  My son, who will be five in May, wants to run a race.
  • It instilled my son with the “I can do it!” mentality.
  • Encouraged my children to be active.

More than anything, I love seeing how running has had such a positive influence on my son.  At not even five years old, he talks about running “really far on the road” on a daily basis.  My husband started running when my little boy was 18 months or so.  My husband’s family is a family of runners.  Now, I’m running.

And now my son, who talks about the day when he will swim in the Ironman river, bike on his Ironman bike and run a marathon, has the mentality that things that might seem impossible are possible.  My husband and I are not star athletes by any means.  My husband at one point was asthmatic and overweight.  I reached my heaviest weight last year and had blood pressure problems as well as other health issues.  Look at us now!  Last year my husband completed a 140.6 mile race and is training for an ultramathathon this fall.  Over the last year, I’ve lost over twenty pounds, improved my health and will be running my first mini marathon in two weeks.


6 thoughts on “Setting a good example

  1. I totally agree with you on all of this. Running has really had a positive influence on my family as well – my little girl talks all the time about running. And my husband and I have lots to talk about now. It really is a ‘cure all’ hobby.

  2. Over the past couple of days a few of my cousins and I got into a huge “comment-war” on Facebook discussing running and our new found fitness adventures. My cousins and I are all super close but it was so nice to see us bonding on a different level. I actually included part of the “comment’war” in today’s post where my one cousin so accurately describes how amazing our bodies are. Your family should sign up for a family fun run/walk!

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