A promising sign

It’s been a bit over 24 hours after my longest run to date, and I am happy to say I’m not that sore and am ready for April 28th!  Come on, Derby City Mini Marathon!

Now…to address the whole issue with my running playlist.  I’ve heard it so many times now and am bored with it.  Yesterday I listened to Pandora, and that seems promising.  Hopefully by the time the mini rolls around, I’ll be at a point where my station has a pretty good idea of what I like.  I ran into the issue where I had to listen a few songs that I don’t care for because I’d skipped/disliked my quota for the hour.  Or maybe I’ll be in love with my playlist again.  Or, thought number three, maybe I could go through the bazillion of songs we have in iTunes and find new songs.  Or maybe I’ll work on all three because, for me, there’s nothing worse than being bored with my playlist.

I’m terribly dependent on my playlist.  I’ve attempted to run without my iPhone a time or two, and it hasn’t gone wonderfully.  With the exception of the Zombie Survival Run, I was crazy bored and miserable without the right music.  I can do my short runs (1-2 miles) without my playlist, especially when I have a running partner.  I rarely have a running partner, so the playlist is a must for me.

How do you keep from boredom when you run?


2 thoughts on “A promising sign

  1. Not sure how I keep from boredom as I don’t currently run. So excited about the color run that I think I won’t have any problems! Mind you, it is only 5K!!!!

    Thanks for stoping by! Have a great run!

  2. I often find myself thinking about how I will treat myself when I get to my goal. What shade of polish I’ll pick for the pedicure I never seem to have time to get, which Ben & Jerry’s icecream I want if they are out of my favorite. How awesome a deep tissue massage will feel on my thighs, if I ever took the time to get one. Weird, silly stuff like that seem to take up quite a bit of my run…when I get bored with my playlist.

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