12 miles!

This morning, I begrudgingly dragged myself out of bed, strapped on my Garmin, laced up my shoes and downed a packet of Carb Boom! energy gel.  I didn’t sleep well last night at all.  It was well after five am before I drifted off into a nice sound sleep.  So, when eight am rolled around, I was nothing less than crabby.  It finally got to the point that if I didn’t get out of bed, I wouldn’t have enough time for my twelve mile run before my husband had to leave for work.

Finally, out the door I went.

And it sucked.

It was cold.  My shins hurt.  My right heel hurt.  I was TIRED.  It was all I could do to keep putting one foot in front of the other.  The first two miles were tortuous.  I’m not entirely sure how I made it through them to be honest other than telling myself after completing the second mile I could walk.  As soon as the garmin chimed for my second mile, I walked.  And my walking pace wasn’t much slower than my running pace.  Mile one was a 13 something mile, and mile two (ashamed to say) was a 14 something mile.  It was awful.  My heel wasn’t bothering me anymore, but my shins were screaming.  I’m not entirely sure why my shins were bothering me so much out of the blue, but, oy!

So, I walked about a mile.  Then, as I was heading into Community Park and tackling the giant hill, a doe ran across the path.  She caught me off guard.  Something about thing that moment rejuvenated me.  How cheesy does that sound?!  But, it’s true.  It was at that point that my shins weren’t hurting anymore, and I was ready to try this running thing again.  So, a quick bathroom break in one of the oh-so-fancy-and-clean bathrooms (major sarcasm) and I was back again.  I felt great!  Four miles into the run, I was in good spirits.  My run was 1/3 of the way complete, nothing was hurting, the air wasn’t so frigid feeling, baby ducks were swimming in the park lake, and life was just hunky dory.

4.18 miles.  Then the Garmin died.  !!!

Let’s talk about the Garmin.  I can run without it if I’m running a familiar course.  I’m not completely dependent on it.  However, I am not the kind of person who can accurately judge how far I’ve run when I’m doing new distances.  I was fortunate enough that it died in an area where I had a one mile loop I could run.  So, I ran that loop five times until I hit nine miles.  Those were the best five miles.  I felt amazing and only slowed to a walk twice so that I could have more energy gels.  I have no idea what my pace was, but it was much quicker than the first four miles of my run.

Before heading out of the park for the last leg of my run, I stopped at one of the water fountains to refill my water bottle.  Ouch.  It was as though every muscle in my lower body locked up.  It was, once again, painful to run.  Sigh.  So, for the second time, I walked for an extended period of time.  :/  It was none too happy.  Thankfully, it wasn’t too long before my legs loosened up a bit and I was running again.

So, woohoo for me!  12 (ish) miles, 13oo (ish) calories burned, and I am so mentally ready for the Derby City Mini Marathon!  It’s an awesome feeling.  While I wish I could say I ran the entire 12 miles, I’m not complaining.  I could have stayed in bed this morning.  Instead, I got off my butt, went out the door and pounded the pavement for a couple hours.  I feel great.  A bit sore, but no complaints here.  It’s six pm, and I’ve already eaten well over 1600 calories and still have 1000 I can eat.  🙂


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