Hello again, calorie counter

The time has come.  I’ve taken about nine months off from actively trying to loose the 20 ish pounds I still want to loose.  I got complacent after I lost the first 20, and I’ve hovered at my current weight since since last July.  I’ve lost some weight since I started running, and I probably would have lost more if only I had stuck to a sensible diet.  But it’s quite liberating to eat whatever I want and not gain weight.

But, the time is here.  Time to get serious and permanently drop the extra weight I’ve been carrying around.

Enter MyFitnessPal.  It’s my calorie counter.  I was pretty successful with it last year.  Just for fun, I’m also trying out Lose It! to see if I like it better.  Several of my friends have been using it and stated they liked it better than MyFitnessPal.  So, I’m giving it a go.  For whatever reason, my daily calorie allotment is more with Lose it!, and according to them, I’ll be at my weight goal in mid July if I stick  to my calorie budget.

For me, I think so long as I’m keeping track of my calorie intake, I’ll be successful with my weight loss, regardless of what app I use.

There are a dozen other weight loss apps out there.  I’ve done a bit of research, and here’s a list of 10 apps for your iPhone to help drop unwanted pounds.

1. Meal Snap

The latest dieting app to break news headlines, Meal Snap easily tracks what you eat. Simply:

  1. Snap a photo of what you’re about to consume.
  2. To ensure precision, enter a description.
  3. And go! The app will “auto-magically detect the nutritional breakdown” of the meal, mapping your calorie intake over time.

Cost: $2.99;

2. Daily Burn

By the same creators of Meal SnapDaily Burn uses their FoodScanner feature to scan UPC barcodes of over 350,000 foods–no typing necessary. The app also includes a tool for designing and analyzing your own customized workout plan.

Cost: free

3. Nike Training Club

Nike Training Club boasts a program built on a foundation of years of training with world-class athletes. Just pull from their pool of “90+ multi-dimensional, multi-directional drills” to design your own full body work out plan.

Cost: free.

4. CrunchFu

What’s interesting about CrunchFu is its ability to detect motion–simply hold the iPhone against your chest as you perform sit-ups, and the app will return feedback on your speed and form.

Cost: $0.99.

5. Digifit

Digifit is a free cardio app that monitors your heart rate using a real-time heart rate chart. It also tracks your outdoor running and/or biking mileage, and calculates the calories burned based on your heart rate, height, weight, age, gender and fitness level.

Cost: free.

6. Fast Food Calorie Counter

While eating fast food is certainly counterintuitive to dieting, everyone slips up now and again. If you can’t manage to completely abolish those guilty trips to the drive-thru, you should at least monitor your intake. Fast Food Calorie Counter offers a searchable database of nutritional information for 9,141 menu items from 73 top fast food restaurants.

Cost: $0.99.

7. iMapMyRUN

Equipped with an armband and iMapMyRUN, the iPhone makes a great running companion. Put on your favorite playlist, and log your distance, time, pace, and speed using your iPhone’s GPS and the free app.

Cost: free.

8. Prêt-à-Yoga

Gym shy or too cheap for daily yoga classes? Prêt-à-Yoga acts a “private instructor” without the awkward corrective touching or cost of studio membership. For 99¢, you can enjoy your own personal yoga-instructor-on-the-go, who will guide you through the poses of the four stages of Pranayama, Sun Salutation A, Sun Salutation B, and Beginner’s Sequence.

Cost: $0.99.

9. 40•30•30

Many dieting apps offer calorie trackers, but how do you know if you’re consuming the right balance? If you’re following the widely recommended ratio of 40%-30%-30% of carbohydrates, protein and fat respectively, you can use the 40·30·30 app to break down your intake into the appropriate proportions.

Cost: free.

10. Lose It!

Lose It! is a free app that allows users to create a full weight management plan by budgeting calorie intake and daily exercise. Simply enter your stats, create your plan, and have your analyzed progress sent directly to your email.

Cost: free.



2 thoughts on “Hello again, calorie counter

  1. Wow what a lot of inspirational apps! I do have my FitnessPal but I sometimes forget to count my calories and then it yells at me… :p Ok, it doesn’t really yell at me but sometimes it makes me feel really bad… it’s like not talking to a good friend in ages and you feel guilty for neglecting that friend… do I have issues or what? haha Good luck with the calorie counting! It definitely helps put things into perspective!

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