Whatta day.  I was up way earlier than I prefer to be awake (7:45) to take my son to preschool for his field trip then to run six miles.  My run was quite nice, although I didn’t quite make the six mile mark.  After my debacle with attempting to run up and down hills at the Papa Johns 10 miler, I decided, as much as I don’t want to, I needed to work on running uphill.  I wasn’t shooting for super steep hills.  I just wanted some sort of incline.  Typically, I run in pretty flat areas.  So, after dropping my little one off to school, I headed to Community park for my six mile run.

Again, I didn’t quite make the six mile mark.  I was shy a little over a mile.  My hip/IT band or whatever it is that hurt during the 10 miler started acting up again around mile 4.  😦  I tried to push through it, but I started unraveling.  My hip hurt, my legs were shaky, I got that icky weak feeling, and it was hot.  I’m going to have to adjust to running in this warmer weather.  Like I said, the run was overall quite nice.  Especially the first two miles.  However, while the first two miles felt great, I ran faster than I’ve ever run before.  Not intentionally.  It just happened.  I kept trying to slow down, but every time I looked down at the Garmin, I was still under my target pace.  I think coupled with the heat, a recent long (and trying) run, and attempting a non flat course, I set myself up for a difficult last leg of the run.  And, since I was running loops in the park, when I saw my car, I had a “I give up moment”.  Rather than pushing through that last mile ish, I headed to my air conditioned car.  I regret that I didn’t power through it now, but it is what it is.

So, I started the day running, and I feel like I’ve been running up until now.  My daughter and I ran 9,000 errands and wore each other out.  We swung home for a mini break and snack before picking my son up, and it was this point my baby girl managed to lock me out of the house while I was getting the mail.  Our mail box is one of those flip top thingies attached to our house and is right outside of our porch door.  I was only out for 15 seconds.  She came out of nowhere and managed to lock the storm door to our porch in that minute bit of time.  Of course, I didn’t have my phone.  The spare key was most unfortunately hanging with the rest of our keys.  I couldn’t convey to her how to unlock the storm door, although I tried my darndest to.

Panic mode.

My 19 month daughter is locked in the house, I have no way to get a hold of anyone, and I’m supposed to leave soon to pick my son up from school.  Luckily, about five minutes after getting locked out, my neighbor got home and let me use his phone.  First I call my husband’s cell.  Then I tried to call his work and couldn’t get through.  More panic.

Epiphany!  I called my mom who was able to pick my son up and get ahold of my husband to come let me in the house.  By the time he got home, Maddie was a hot little mess not being able to get to mommy for about half an hour, but there doesn’t seem to be any lasting damage.  She keeps pointing to the door and saying “No”.

Lesson learned.  Two, in fact.  One, always take Maddie with me when getting the mail.  Two, make sure the spare key always is returned to its home outside after use.


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