It’s official.  I’ve put money down and will be starting my prerequisites soon!  I don’t have my exact start date yet, but I will soon.  Ultimately, I opted for the option that allowed me to do everything completely online (minus the clinical hours while I’ll arrange to do through work at a later date).  I’m going to do my prereqs through The College Network, who’s teamed up with Indiana State University, where I’ll complete my RN to BSN.  As I said, I’ve put money down and am just waiting for everything to be finalized.  This will be the fourth college I’ve gone to, so there’s a couple different places to obtain all of my transcripts from.  The College Network classes aren’t set up in semesters or even quarters.  You just start taking them.  And once you’ve finished one, you start another.  In theory, you could take a class per month.  All entirely online.  Which is the plan until I start the actual BSN program this fall.  Those are in semesters.  I’ll have BSN classes only in the fall and spring, and will be done with everything May 2014.  I cannot wait!  I’ve wanted to go back since I graduated with my associates, but it hasn’t been an option until now.

So, May 2014, I’ll have something I’ve wanted for over four years.  Then, on to a new adventure.  Baby number three before going back for my Master’s in Nursing.  🙂

And that was the excitement of the day.  Meeting with my academic advisor to get the ball rolling.  And can I just say, thus far, I’m impressed with The College Network.  They have thus far worked completely around my schedule.  Everyone I’ve talked to has been extremely pleasant and extremely helpful.  They seem hellbent on me being successful.  I like them a lot thus far.  And in just a few short weeks, I start my classes, beginning with Pathophysiology.  Fun times.

Now, time to start winding down.  It’s been one busy day, and now I’m going to play with my little ones outside, make smores in a bit, pitch the tent (my son has wanted to sleep in the tent for weeks now) and hopefully finish some embroidery.  All in all, it’s been a nice day!


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