Anthem 5K highlights

It’s been a whirlwind last few days.  Work was busy with a full board of mothers waiting to birth all week.  Then the tornados struck.  It was heartbreaking to see the damage and absolutely terrifying to see how close the tornados were to home.  There was actually one that touched down within a few miles of my parent’s house.  We were fortunate, and none of my family or friends were hurt.  My heart goes out to all affected by the numerous tornados that reeked havoc over the last few days.

Day after the tornados, I had my first race.  The Anthem 5k.  I ran it after working a 12 hour shift the night before the race.  By the time I hit the course, I’d been awake approximately 18 hours.  I ate McDonald’s pancakes at four am and downed my Carb BOOM energy gel just prior to my race.  I was exhausted and feeling less than ideal.  But I ran my race, and overall, all things considered, it went very well.  I finished in just under 41 minutes.  I didn’t have a time I wanted to run it in.  I’m super slow and was running after being awake for entirely way to long.  I just wanted to finish.


  • By far, my favorite moment of the race was running along side someone dressed up as the Chick-fil-a cow.
  • Having my husband run with me throughout out the race.  Thanks, hubby!
  • Seeing my father-in-law at mile marker one.  He was cheering everyone on and gave me a shout out and high five as I ran past.
  • Crossing the finish line, and crossing it before my husband.
  • Listening to my newly revised playlist.
  • The really awesome feeling of being able to say I’ve completed my first race.


  • My least favorite aspect of the race was dodging the walkers playing on their cell phones.  Unfortunately, runners and walkers were allowed to start at the same time.  Every race I’ve done before, as a walker, I had to start after the runners had entered the course.  With the Anthem 5K, and all of the triple crown races from what I understand, runners and walkers enter the course at the same time.  Ugh.  There were well over 8000 people participating in the 5k.  I don’t know how many walkers there were, but I dodged a lot.
  • Feeling like I was going to puke for the last half of the race.
  • Being awake 18 hours prior to running.

My next race is a 10k on March 17th.  Saint Patrick’s Day!  My plans for that race include calling in to work the night before if I can’t find coverage (I am not running 6.2 miles after having worked for 12 hours) and wearing my “RN on the run” shirt (which I still need to actually make), and a green tutu over my black leggings.  It should be fun!


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