Prepping for my first 5K

So this is how I’ve prepared for my first race tomorrow.

  • Woke up Thursday morning around 8am
  • Stayed up all Thursday
  • Went to work Thursday evening at 645 pm
  • Worked all night and got my butt kicked helping delivery babies
  • Came home Friday morning and went to bed a little after 8am
  • Got a text message at 11:20 warning me in regards to the impending tornado warnings
  • Couldn’t go back to sleep and made sure to give my babies hugs and kisses before my husband dropped them off at my parents
  • Finally fell asleep close to 1
  • Woke up at 3:10 to my husband calling me to take shelter
  • Spent 3:30 to 4:50(ish) in the cellar keeping updates on all my family and friends in the areas the tornados touched down
  • Emerged from the cellar just before 5pm thankful our house is intact and my family and friends are safe, if not a little traumatized by being in a building that sustained some damage and witnessing tornado touch downs
  • Called the unit at 5:15 to see if there was any chance they didn’t need me and I could stay at home on call
  • After being told no, put on my scrubs and scrounged up something to eat.
  • I will be on the floor, clocked in, and as ready to go as I can be at 6:45 tonight
  • I will work my 12 hour shift
  • I will run my first 5K tomorrow morning at 8:00

This is going to be interesting.

And for good measure, this is what was close to my parent’s house (where my children were, mind you).  Not sure who filmed it.



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