New stuff is fun!

My husband is awesome.  He has been completely supportive of me training for the Derby City Mini Marathon.  He has given words of encourage after each difficult run, brought me home all sorts of samples of running fuels and recovery drinks to try and offered words of advice on how I can run more efficiently.  Yesterday he made a Facebook post bragging on his extremely amazing wife who just ran six miles (he may not have actually used “extremely amazing” but he was bragging).  This week he has been especially awesome because he’s bought me all kinds of running goodies.  A nice wind/waterproof warm jacket, a lightweight moisture wicking jacket for cool but not cold days (Pacers and Racers has clearanced all of their winter apparel for all you Southern Indiana and Louisville people not afraid to cross the bridge), and more fuel samples.  Yesterday I mentioned to him that I wanted to get my own fuel/water bottle carrier, and I wanted to get something cute a girly.  We talked specifics (fuel belt vs. handheld carrier, size of water bottle, etc).  Look what I got!



Grape pomegranate energy gel


All set to go for my seven mile run next week.

Thank you, awesome hubby!  XOXO


One thought on “New stuff is fun!

  1. We must say that we’re pretty grateful for your husband as well! We hope that you are currently enjoying the carb BOOM! gels, and that they are helping you reach your running goals.

    Best wishes,
    Carb Boom Sports Nutrition Inc.

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