A bit about running

Ah, running.  It’s becoming a rather consuming part of my life, but in a good way.  It seems every week I have something new to deal with running wise.  I’ve experimented with running apparel (moisture-wicking vs cotton), fuel for longer runs (gel, fizzy tabs, jelly beans, flat sodas or raw fruit), shoes (how much stability I need to correct my combination pronation and supination) recovery drinks, and my running form.

What I’ve learned about myself as a runner thus far

  • Accepting the fact that my pace is a slow pace and that little fact is nothing to be ashamed of.
  • I prefer cotton tshirts and my loose fitting yoga pants or leggings from Target vs the fancy shmacy “tech” moisture-wicking stuff.  Even when I ran in the hot upper 90 degree weather last summer, I preferred 100% cotton.
  • Despite the mega pronation/supination I have going on when I walk (rolling of ankles basically), I run in a relatively neutral shoe.  Apparently my biomechanics are much better when I run.
  • I don’t like drinking water when I run.  I haven’t done anything above 5 miles yet (I do six tomorrow morning!), but I feel all icky when I have sips of water/energy drinks as I go.
  • Lemon/lime Nuun is my favorite recovery drink and Hammer products make me gag.

What I learned today in regards to running

The last few runs I’ve had, I’ve gotten a pretty nasty pain on the right side of my right calf.  It feels like something is knotting up and doesn’t show up until about 1/2 a mile into my run.  It’s usually gone by the time I’m heading into mile two, but it’s painful enough when it first shows up that I think I’ll have to stop and call my husband to pick me up.  I can actually palpate a knot on my calf.  So today, after my husband’s incessant recommendation, I stopped in to my local running shoe store (Pacers and Racers) and got to run around with several employees watching me closely and scrutinizing my form.  What I learned:  lots of stretching, use of “The Stick”, Ibu-Relief and a slight change in my stride should alleviate the knot.  Sigh of relief knowing it wasn’t something major.  So tomorrow, not only will I be experimenting with types of fuel (jelly beans vs some brand of gel I can’t remember the name of), I’m also going to try to take longer strides as advised by the knowledgeable employees of Pacers and Racers (so that I step down heel first rather than mid foot as I apparently do with my short strides).

Be prepared for a discussion tomorrow on what worked for me.



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