The easy tutu

The first tutu I ever made was as a belated baby gift for a coworker.  Her daughter was about six months old when I made it.  We weren’t that good of friends, which is why she got a baby gift half a year after her baby arrived.  I have a collection of how-to baby books.  How to make baby clothes, accessories, toys, etc.  I love making stuff for babies.  Especially in bright color schemes and bold prints.

But let’s stay focused, shall we?

The tutu.  So frilly and girly and fun for your baby girl.  Or friend’s baby girl.  Super easy and pretty cheap to make, tutu’s are, let’s be honest, pretty freaking awesome.  Now that I have a baby girl of my own, I have made more than a few tutus over the last 18 months.  From bubblegum pink with a satin ribbon, to sparkly white for her first Christmas, to varying shades of pink and green for a fun “just because”, my daughter has had quite the collection of tutus in her life time.  And she will have more.  I have three that I’m working on now.  A black one with a polkadot sash, a red one with black trim so my son can pretend she’s a lady bug, and a “scrappy” tutu.  I’m supper excited about the scrappy tutu.  Pics to come.

What I like most about tutus (aside from being crazy easy to make and CHEAP), is how versatile they can be.  Aside from being made in a variety of colors and fabrics (not just tulle), they can be easily adapted for all seasons.  My daughter wore one the other day, and it was cold.  Paired with a plain onesie, a cardigan, thick tights and knee high boots, my daughter was darling in her tutu.  She swished her way around the house like a princess.  During the summer, she struts around with just a cute baby tee, sandals and her tutu.  See, wearable all year round.

And here’s the tutorial!  Minimal sewing skills required.

what you need

  • about 20 inches of 3/4 inch elastic
  • 4 yards of tulle
  • 60-70 inches of 4″ wide satin ribbon for the sash (optional)
  • needle and thread
what to do
  • Start by measuring your little ones waist and subtract from the total.  For most babies, you’ll be in the vicinity of 20 inches.  Cut your elastic to whatever length you measured.  Overlap the ends of the elastic about 1/2 inch and stitch together, preferably using the box stitch method.
  • Cut your tulle into 2″ wide strips and about 20″ long.
  • Start tying your tulle around your elastic.  As you tie the tulle strips, bunch them together as you go for a nice full tutu.
  • Trim any uneven or too long strips of tulle once finished.
  • If you want a sash, cut your 60-70 inches of wide ribbon (or try a cute cotton fabric print, same dimensions), fold it in half lengthwise, tuck in the ends and first pin your sash around your elastic waistband.  Be sure to start in the middle of the sash’s length so you’ll have enough “tails” to tie in a big bow on the back of the tutu.  Stitch the halves together.  I tried doing this with my machine, and truthfully found it easier to do by hand.
box stitch

Tying your tulle



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