A week of running

Can I just tell you what an awesome week I’ve had and what a good feeling I have about this year.  It’s a nice feeling.  I’m feeling particularly rockstar-ish in regards to my runs.  They were all really slow, but I did them.  My calves are sore, but I otherwise feel great.  I bumped my long run up to four miles and have now done just under a quarter of the mini distance.  Yup.  I feel good about myself!  Again, I was slow, my calves are sore, but I did all of my runs for the week, totally up to a whooping 7 miles altogether.  This is where being married to someone who completed a race totaling 140.6 miles less than a year ago becomes a bit of a drawback.  My seven miles doesn’t sound all that impressive, but I’m proud of them.  I could have spent my time running sitting in front of the computer doing nothing productive at all.  I was a little discouraged after my four mile run because of how ridiculously slow I am, and my husband was sweet enough to point out that at least I did it.  Thanks, hubby.  And next week I jump up to five miles for my long run.  At the beginning of the year, that seemed like such a difficult task.  Not so much now.  I wish my calves weren’t so sore, but it’s all good.  I’m excited to plot out my course.

And now it’s the weekend, and it’s one of the rare weekends I get to be excited that it’s the weekend because I don’t have to work!  As a nurse who works predominately all weekends and hoping to get a position that pays me more to work only weekends, Friday and Saturday nights aren’t something I usually get excited about.  But no delivering babies for me tonight and tomorrow.  Woohoo!


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