Ah, yesterday life improved.  Zesto Ice Cream Parlor has opened for the season, and my family and I couldn’t be happier.  My son and I started counting down the days last week, and our patience (impatience) was rewarded with a scoop of red velvet cheesecake hand dip (oh, the calories) and a baby chocolate cone with sprinkles.  It was absolutely freezing and not at all ice cream weather.  There was a little snow on the ground.  But we still had to wait in line at the drive through for our ice cream.  It was worth it.

Just a little background information…Zesto originated in Atlanta, Georgia in the early 50’s and at one point was a national franchise.  They hit financial trouble in the late 1950’s, and a lot of them were sold or closed.  I’m not sure when our New Albany one opened (1951?).  It still has a retro vibe to it.  I believe it was the first in our area.  We now have three locations in our immediate area (New Albany, Clarksville and Sellersburg, IN).  You can read more about them at http://www.ilovezesto.com/.

Why we love Zesto.

  1. As a microcreamery, they make smaller batches of really awesome and unique flavors, along with the “classics.”
  2. Flavor of the week: Each week, they have some really awesome hand dip to try.  Opening week’s flavor, Red velvet cheesecake.  It was rich.  Some of my past favorites have been cotton candy, praline pecan, coconut (my husband’s favorite and popular enough to become a permanent item on the menu), strawberry cake batter, and strawberry shortcake, just to name a few.
  3. Rotating sherbet flavors.  Can I tell you how much I LOVE sherbet?  Vanilla, chocolate and vanilla/chocolate swirl is a permanent choice, but like with the hand dip, they rotate sherbet flavors.  The purple cow is my all time favorite, and I wish they had it more often.  Other fabulous flavor choices included pineapple, blue raspberry, red apple, strawberry, red raspberry, and cherry.
  4. More than just ice cream.  Zesto also has a small menu of BBQ sandwiches, chili dogs (which I’ve heard are to die for), and grilled chicken sandwiches.  I’ve never eaten any of these because I just want ice cream, but I’ve heard only good things.  As a matter of fact, yesterday on Zesto’s Facebook page, someone commented that if the chili dogs weren’t available, it wasn’t even worth going anymore.  Uhm, hello, what about the amazing ice cream?
  5. Frozen yogurt.  For the days I need to watch my calories, Zesto has some delicious frozen yogurt options that are nonfat and no added added.  Example, strawberry, blueberry, blackberry, pineapple, banana, peach and pretzel.  I’m curious about the pretzel.
  6. Cyclones, which I think they now call Vortexes.  As with everything on the menu, they offer gobs of flavor choices.  Cookie dough (my favorite), bubblegum, lemon pie, pineapple upside down cake, brownie fudge and peach pie…the list goes on.
I highly recommend checking it out if you’re ever in the Southern Indiana area.  Anytime we have friends in from out of town during the open season, we try to always make a trip to Zesto.  Truth be told, my family and I make near weekly trips there to get our ice cream fix during the hot months.  That’s how much we love our Zesto.


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