DIY Valentine’s gift

At just over a week away, Valentine’s Day is just around the corner!  The next week is absolutely jammed packed for me.  An interview, mini marathon training, work, 45 Valentine’s cards, 45 marshmallow pops and two dozen cupcakes to make before next Monday for my son’s preschool Valentine’s day party, several sets of handmade Valentine’s to make and mail for family from my little ones, and a busy adventure-packed weekend ahead of me has left me a bit…let’s just say I’m feeling the pressure of everything.  I had that moment when I regretted that I didn’t just buy Valentine’s cards for my children to give out.  But, after convincing my little boy we had to simplify our original handmade Valentine’s cards, having purchased everything I need for cupcakes and marshmallow pops, and feeling uber prepared for my interview tomorrow, I’m a bit more chilled.  Then I remembered I hadn’t thought about a gift for my husband.


And we’re on a budget (who isn’t), what with saving for me to go back to school, paying off his school loans, saving up for my son to have a minor surgery, and working on our debt snowball (love Dave Ramsey).  I needed an inexpensive gift idea for my husband.  Something ideally meaningful and personal, not just a cheap item from Target.  Not that I’m knocking on Target.  I love that store.  I want to own it.  But I digress…so, inexpensive, meaningful Valentine’s gift.


I snooped around on Pinterest, and found an awesome idea.  A “can of dates”.  My husband and I live such busy lives, between our opposite work schedules, mini marathon training (for me) and 50k training (for him), and two small children, we don’t have a lot of us time.  And when we can score a sitter for the little ones, we often seem to draw a blank about what we can do on our mini dates.  By the time we come up with something interesting and budget-friendly, we have little time for the date before it’s time to pick up the little ones.  So, giving my husband a can of date ideas ranging from uber cheap, to overnight trips, quick dates, long dates, romantic dates, and “family” dates stood out as a perfect inexpensive, meaningful (key words) Valentine’s Day gift.

Here’s what I did.

  1. Took an empty coffee container and cleaned it out.
  2. Decorated the coffee container with scrapbook paper.
  3. Googled cheap dates, romantic dates, at home dates, outdoor dates, and quick dates.
  4. Typed all the date ideas that would suit us and printed and cut them up so that I had dozens of small pieces of paper with one date idea on each piece.
  5. Put the date ideas in the can.

Simple, right?  Here are some of the date ideas I put in our can.  They range from goofy, to sweet, to…different.  I’m so excited about all of them!

Repeat first date as closely as possible

Photograph Safari-take a digital cameral and go on a “photo safari”. Drive/walk around town, taking pictures

Have a soap carving contest

Make a time capsule

Check out an origami book from library and fold away! Order Chinese takeout for an Asian themed night

Look up personality tests online together

Camp out in back yard and make smores

Go on a nature hike and have a picnic

Play Wii Sports

Make Tshirts! Buy two plain Tshirts and decorate them using sharpies, fabric paint, glue guns, etc, then wear them out to get ice cream

Go to Zesto

Wash cars together

Plant a tree or shrub

Walk in the park

Walk to local restaurant

Movie marathon

Take a trip to local hobby shop and pick out a project to work on together (ie, a model plane)


Wine tasting

Make candles

Do a puzzle together and eat pizza

Buy two cheap canvases and paint pictures to hang up side by side.

Carriage ride




One thought on “DIY Valentine’s gift

  1. I am so happy to read this. This is the kind of info that needs to be given and not the random misinformation that’s at the other blogs. Appreciate your sharing this greatest doc.

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