An enjoyable “regret”

Tonight, my life just became a little more awesome, thanks to one of the funniest books I’ve ever seen.  Regretsy: Where DIY Meets WTF .   I’m not even sure where to begin.  I really don’t.  All I can tell you is I haven’t laughed so much is quite a while.  And I just keep laughing. 

Let me tell you about Regretsy.  Written by April Winchell in 2010, it is a collection of items sold on (a website to sell vintage, handmade and unique items) that make you think, “WTF?”  The book includes the photo, the price and seller’s description of the item available for purchase.   Underneath each photo and caption, the author gives her take on the item for sale.  For example:

Handcrafted Placenta.

Description: lumiknits handcrafted placentas are made from precut felt, which then as a detail needlefelted on and a needlefelted umbilical cord attached. There are then stuffed and handsewn together for that uniquely lumpy placenta look.

Author response:  What exactly do you do with a handcrafted placenta?  Do you leave it out on the coffee table?  Do you put it in a shadow box?  Do you spray Endust on it and run it over the piano?  I mean, you can’t even really play with it.  At least put some googly eyes on it.  Then you can put it in a tree on Halloween.

And this item was sold.  It’s amazing.

There’s even a website.

Check it out.


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