800 calories

The day started off pretty good.  I woke up early and did an easy mile run, and let me tell you, I didn’t want to run this morning.  At all.  I was tired.  I have to work tonight, and it’ll be a full 24 hours before I get to go back to bed.  That alone made me REALLY not want to get up.  I’m a little sore from kicking butt (ha) yesterday with my 5k. I came up with nine thousand reasons to just stay in bed until my children got up.  But then I realized, at most, I’d only get about another 20 minutes of lying in bed.  I know me.  I wouldn’t have gone back to sleep.  I would have stayed under the covers regretting that I wasn’t up getting a bit of exercise before it was too late, just waiting for the tell tell signs that my little ones were stirring.

So, out of bed and out the door I went.  Both of my children were already awake, and I let my husband care for them.  I was taking 15 minutes for myself.  I was not a champion runner today.  My feet were dragging, my hips were sore, my brain was just not in it today.  I ended up running 2/3 of my mile and walked the rest.  I didn’t even walk as briskly as I normally would.  I was a little crabby as I was running.  That being said, I was glad I was out there pounding the pavement this morning.  Afterwards, I was in really good spirits.  Still sore, still tired, but no longer crabby.  I came home to two smile faces and a still sleepy hubby.  I dressed my children, and made scrambled egg whites (10 calories per egg white) and low fat/calorie mini donuts (32 calories per donut) for breakfast.  I punched all my info into MyFitnessPal and calculated that I was still at a negative for calorie intake for the day.  Woohoo!  I still had 1400 calories I could chow down on.

Well.  I chowed down.  My oldest really wanted to eat lunch at a “bakery”.  He wanted a sandwich with cheese and pickles and french fries and a drink.  Four and a half year olds are cute.  We had a few errands to run and then had lunch.  I dined on a  hamburger that really wasn’t as tasty as the place boasted it to be and a large helping of french fries.  Total that up…just under 800 calories.  I knew ordering my meal I was not ordering something low calorie.  I didn’t care too much since I was at a net zero for my total calories for the day.  But, jeez.  That’s a lot of calories in a single sitting.  I still have 600 until midnight, then I get to reset.  Again, that was a lot of calories for a single setting.

My plan for the rest of the day includes drinking a lot of water, make something lower calorie for dinner tonight, and opting for a diet soda when I need my 10pm caffeine boost at work.  But for now, my daughter is napping, my son is content to watch a movie, and I’m entering a carb coma, so I think I’ll take a little rest on the couch before work.  Maybe I’ll have crazy calorie burning dreams.  🙂


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