I woke up this morning, bright and early.  Actually, it wasn’t bright at all.  The sun had yet to make it’s appearance.  But it was early.  Especially for me as a night shift nurse, but the earliness is besides the point.  My point is that I woke up, and I ran. And I ran longer, further and faster (little bit faster) than I have run to date.  Today I did a 5K.  Well…I did a 5K distance.  I’m actually not signed up to run an official 5K until early March.  There’s something about that 3.1 mile distance that makes me feel really good about myself and a little rockstar-ish, if I can be honest.  My confidence in my ability to tackle a mini marathon (which is over four times today’s distance) just increased a bit, which was much needed after my so-so run earlier this week.

Additional thoughts related to today’s run.

  1. I need to find a really cute outfit to run the mini in.  Something comfortable, but cute nonetheless.  I think after I do the Papa John’s 10 miler, I’m going to treat myself and buy some cute running clothes.  It’s a must.  Because that’s the kind of runner I am.  🙂
  2. Oh, the power of the playlist.  There’s nothing worse than the wrong kind of song popping up as I’m running.  It’s like I have to stop running right then and there and don’t want to take another step.  So, today, I will embark on Project Playlist.  Contender’s thus far include Pumped up Kicks by Fosterthepeople, several Lady Gaga songs, Alphabet Soup by Laika, half of the New Moon soundtrack, Whatever you like by Anya Marina, Boring by The Pierces, just to name a few.
  3. I want to make a Tshirt that says “Run with a Nurse” or something that includes “running” and “nurse”.  Because nurses are amazing.  Recognize that.  (Yes, I know there are some bad apples out there, but there are bad apples in every group of peoples)
  4. I like running without the dog so much more than I like running with the dog.  He’s good for a slower 1-2 mile run, but if I try to pick up the pace, he wears himself out too quickly.
  5. I actually really like early morning runs.  I’m going to have to try it sometime after a shift because I have two races that I have to do after working a 12 hour shift (a 5k and a 10k).  I need practice.

12 weeks, 3 days and counting before I tackle the Derby City Mini Marathon.  12 weeks, 4 days before I purchase a pink/white 13.1 sticker for my car.


2 thoughts on “3.1

  1. Pumped Up Kicks is awesome to run to! It was on my playlist for ages. I’m also in the middle of a playlist project, so it has come off for now as I’m trying to run with songs that are the right BPM for my pace (ie, slow). But it’s definitely a good inspiring song. Good luck finding the right tunes. And happy 3.1!

  2. I hate rising before the sun as well but it is definitely rewarding. Music, I usually like dance music or hip hop because of the beats…they tend to make me pick up my pace which can be good if its subconscious … Je Veux the Voir by Yelle (I don’t have any idea what she’s saying but its fun), Jerk It Out by Caesars and as for Hip Hop/ Rap Kanye or Lupe have some great songs if you are into that music. Nice read, happy training!

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