Valentine’s Day outfit

Got twenty to thirty minutes to spare?  A sewing machine?  A 1/4 yard of Valentine’s Day themed fabric of the cotton variety?  Some 1/2 inch knit elastic?  And some Heat and Bond Ultrahold Iron on adhesive?  What about a 18 month old baby girl that loves when she’s dressed in a cute outfit?  Do you have all of those things in your life?  Then I have a project for you.  This adorable two piece outfit!

Oh, and you need a onesie.  But most of us with 18 months olds have a stash of these about the house, right?

Step one, cut two 17″x9″ rectangles out.  With rights sides facing together, stitch you 9″ sides together with about a 1/4″ seem allowance.  You have a tube now, right?  Turn your “tube” so that your right side fabric is what you’re looking out.  Time to start hemming.  This process is a lot easier with the use of an iron.  First, fold the bottom 1/4″ edge of your fabric.  Press with iron to form a neat, crisp edge.  Repeat.  Fold over the edge again so that all of your raw fabric edges aren’t visible.  I wish I knew how to better explain what I’m talking about in case there are any newbies to sewing reading this.  But I can’t think of a better description at the moment.  Pin along the edges of your ironed hem and sew.  You’ll repeat the same process for the waistband with one little exception.  You’re going to leave a small one inchish gap that you can thread your elastic through.  Again, wish I had a better way to describe what I mean.  I suppose I’m not quite in the right mindset to better explain.  Sorry. :/

Moving on, threading your elastic.  Using a safety pin (or, in my case a paper clip because my safety pins are all MIA), started threading your elastic through your waistband.  Take care to ensure your elastic doesn’t twist, and that you leave plenty of a “tail” hanging out from the side you started threading through.  Once you’re done threading, you have to sew the ends of the two pieces of elastic together.

After elastic is in place and the ends are stitched together in a fashion that won’t easily come apart, finish your skirt by closing up that one inchish gap at the top of the waistband.  Now, onto your appliquéd onesie!

Place what’s left of your fabric right side down on your ironing board.  Cut a small piece of your iron on adhesive.  You can actually go ahead and cut it to the size and shape of whatever design you want on your onesie.  I did a simple heart.  Follow the instructions on the iron on adhesives packaging.  Make sure you’re ironing the paper backing side.  Otherwise, you’ll end up with nasty, sticky adhesive that’s really hard to get off your iron.  That’s coming from experience.  Cut your appliqué out and remove the paper backing.

Place your appliqué on your onesie, right side of the fabric towards you, sticky stuff against your onesie.  Again, follow the instructions on the packaging when ironing your appliqué on.  Allow to cool and dress your little one in her cute, new outfit.



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