Ear warmers and such

This morning, dressed in my hoodie and a pair of lounge pants, I took the dog for a two mile plus run.  It was cold outside…like, 33 degrees cold.  By the end of the run, one thing was very apparent: I should have worn something over my ears.  My Ironman husband has a mother load of running paraphernalia, from fuel belts, jackets, arm warmers, moisture-wicking clothes, balaclavas and ear warmers.  Most of them, I can wear.  Most of them, are NOT cute.  Perhaps for many of you runners out there, being cute as you train for a mini marathon is not a pressing matter.  For this girl, who has made plans to run the Derby City Marathon with a string of pearls on, being cute as I train is ideal.  Now, there are plenty of places you can purchase cute and stylish running gear from.  In fact, my husband works at a running/walking store (http://www.pacersandracers.com/) that sells a number of things that are simply adorable and I want.  I wasn’t thinking about that when I decided to whip up a pair of ear warmers.  And I’m honestly quite glad that I didn’t think of Pacers and Racers because I really like the ear warmers I made.  They combine three of my favorite things (buttons, felt and embroidery) and is in one of my favorite color schemes.

What you need for this project.

  • 1/4 yard fleece
  • sewing machine or needle and thread if you prefer to hand sew
  • felt, buttons and embroidery floss in coordinating colors

And here’s the how to.

Start by measuring your head.  Whatever that measurement is, add an inch and this gives you the total length for your ear warmers.  I made my ear warmers just under 4 inches wide and tapered the ends down to about 2 inches and allowed for a 1/4 inch seem.  You could make a straight band all the way around and it would probably work just as well.

I went a little out of order when I made mine.  I started embellishing, hemmed and added my button/button hole, then finished embellishing.  Hem first.  Then add your fastening button and make a button hole.  Since fleece doesn’t fray, you could get by without sewing your button hole.  So, hem first, then embellish to your heart’s content with felt, buttons, and/or embroidery.  Or if you’ve got a really cute piece of fleece, don’t embellish.

Can’t wait to run in them!

Project number two of the day was decorating an empty oatmeal container to help keep all of my cupcake liners organized and protected.  Thank you, Pinterest!

And for the third project of the day, this one is for all of my labor and delivery nurses!  My DIY “flip off” badge clip!  My glue gun was acting up, so I only got one done, but I will gladly make more as I collect more flip offs.  For those of you non RN/medical peoples out there, flip offs are the lids we flip off vials of medications.  They come in a variety of colors such as the orange, brown and green seen in the pic as well as varying shades of blue, white and maroon.  Varying sizes, too.


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