365 days of quotes, happenings and tidbits

This year I decided I would keep track of all of the funny things my children say and do.  I’ve always had good intentions of jotting the funny little tidbits and sayings down in each of their baby books, but my good intentions haven’t ever been more than good intentions.  I kept my son’s baby book up until he was 18 months before my efforts fizzled.  I started collecting scraps of papers with important dates, pictures, locks of hair, etc. and tucked them into his book for later organization.  Later organization that still has yet to happen.  Then, along came my sweet baby girl.  My baby book energy was renewed, and I carefully noted everything away.  Until she was about six months.  She’s 17 months today, and her baby book is in a state quite similar to my sons.  Scraps of paper with fun little tidbits of her actions, first dental appointment card, so on, so forth.

But, this WILL be the year I update the baby books.  This will be the year I will jot down every funny thing my son says.  This will be the year I take note of my daughter’s antics.  This will be the year I will do more than put things on to scrap pieces of paper and shove them into a book to be addressed at a later date.  And when I made that commitment, I thought to myself how nice it would be for each set of the grandparents to have a copy of all the memories.  One thought lead to another.  Ideas came and got revamped.  The end product won’t be ready for another eleven months, but this is what I have thus far.  A notebook that goes with my everywhere that I scribble down not only quotes from my ever-gabbing son and all of my daughter’s doings, but also all of the ideas that I get and forget before I can act on them.  And I have a file saved on my computer where the scribbles are neatly kept, and a camera always in reach to snap pics along the way.  As the year progresses, I have two 80 paged, spiral bound scrapbooks (80 should be enough, don’t you think?) that I’ll copy the quotes/stories into.  A scrapbook for the whole year as a New Year’s Eve gift for my parents and in laws.  Maybe Christmas.  And probably a third for myself.

Here’s what I have so far…

2012 Quotes, happenings and tidbits

  • 1-1-2012: We welcomed the New Year with two sickish babies. Brett ran the Hangover run while Ani catnapped all day with Brendan and Maddie.

  • 1-2-2012: Brendan started his Dave Ramsey chore chart to save up for his Hot Wheels Wall Track starter set.

  • 1-3-2012: “Brendan’s a nice name,” said Brendan.

  • 1-4-2012: Brendan went back to preschool!

  • 1-5-2012: Maddie lounged in her high chair while she drank her bottle.

  • 1-6-2012: Ani ran two miles…that’s the furthest she’s ever gone!

  • 1-7-2012: Maddie is 31” tall (the same height Brendan was at 18 months) and Brendan is just over 41” tall.

  • 1-8-2012: Brendan and Maddie build a “fork” (fort) in the middle of the kitchen floor using barstools, toys, a lightsaber, chairs and a toy basket.

  • 1-9-2012: Ani started blogging as part of her New Year’s Resolution to start taking more time each day for herself.

  • 1-10-2012: Maddie chased James around the kitchen laughing hysterically as she tried to put her coat on him

  • 1-11-2012: Ani’s dad turned 63! Ani and Maddie surprised him with homemade whoopie pies.

  • 1-12-2012: Brendan: “Mommy, can I have a baby when I grow up?”

    Ani: “Of course, baby.”

    Brendan: “Just remind me to ask God for a baby because I might forget.”

  • 1-13-2012: Happy Friday the 13th! Brett celebrated by by roasting coffee beans. He couldn’t decide on a name for his blend. The potential names were Nap-in-a-cup, Liquid Sunshine, Liquid Happiness or Liquid Nap.

  • 1-14-2012: Brendan tried to sneak pacifiers into bed by hiding them in a hat and tying the hat up like a present.

  • 1-15-2012: Brendan learned that if he got his fingers wet, he could snap his fingers very loudly.

  • 1-16-2012: Brendan: “James, do we need to have a talk?”  James is our dog.

  • 1-17-2012: Brett and Ani celebrated the 7th anniversary of their first date by going out to dinner at P.F. Chang’s. Seven years, can you believe it?

  • 1-18-2012: Maddie discovered herself in the mirror and told her reflection, “TeeTee”. Translation, “Pretty.”

  • 1-19-2012: Brendan: “Mommy, I know how to do a slinky now. First you build books like some stairs, and you put the slinky at the top, and the slinky will slink down. I know this now.”


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